BOPP Packing Tape 
Product Detail

Usage: Recommend for carton sealing for long time storage,general banding or marking with different color tape,fixing, reinforcing,etc. It is applied at room temperature and can be stocked either at high or low temperatures.

Advantage: (a) good performance in high adhesion (b)high resistance and tensile strength (c) printable (d) suitable for auto-packing machine (e) kinds of colors (f) low cost,convenient use

Film:   Biaxial-Oriented Polypropylene

Adhesive:   Pressure Sensitive Water Base Acrylic

Width: 12/18/19/24/25/35/36/42/45/46.5/48/50//54.8/55/57/58/60/70/72/76/80mm

Length: 20m~1000m

Thickness (film + adhesive): 35μm~90μm (μm=micron)

Color: clear,brown,tan, color adjusted as per client's request

Paper core: available to print customer's logo

It's available to provide noisy tape, low noisy tape, and no noisy tape.

Techniacal Data

Testing method: PSTC (Pressure Sensitive Tape Council)

The above data is the average values as the result of production samples and not a guarantee of a final result.

Shelf life: 1 year

Storage: in clean & dry place, temperature: -5℃-45℃ humidity: 20%-85%


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