Pvc  tape 
Product Detail

PVC Tape

Usage: Recommend for general insulation and protecting wires or other electrical parts.   

Main features:   

            good flexibility & strong retractability

            easy tear & wind

            high voltage resistance

            flame retardant

Backing material: soft PVC

Adhesive:   rubber

Width: 15/18/19/48mm

Length: 5~20m

Thickness (backing material + adhesive): 130μm , 150μm, 180μm(+/-10μm)(μm=micron)

Paper core: 1.5"/ 3"paper core

Colours:   red,yellow, blue, green, black, white

Technical Data

Testing method: PSTC (Pressure Sensitive Tape Council)

The above data is the average values as the result of production samples and not a guarantee of a final result.

Shelf life: 1 year

Storage: in clean & dry place, temperature: -5℃-45℃ humidity: 20%-85%


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