Rainbow Tape 
Product Detail

Usage: Perfect choice for home, office & supermarket in the use of light packing, general purpose mending & binding, reinforced documents, gift wrapping, positioning in short tim etc.   


         Purple, Yellow,Blue,Green,Red,Orange

         Printing available

         low noise available

         Easy tear by hand

         3"paper core available to print client's logo & 1"plasic core of white & other colours

Film:   Biaxial-Oriented Polypropylene

Adhesive:   Pressure Sensitive Water Base Acrylic

Width: 12/15/18/19/24mm

Length: 33m~100m for 3" paper core; 5m~60m for 1" plastic core

Regular Thickness (film + adhesive): 40μm~50μm (μm=micron)


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